Wall print of Murchison Falls

Welcome to our wildlife shop! We have a variety of products including wildlife t-shirts in different sizes and colours, and wall hangings from nature and wildlife. Always check this page for additional products.


Our wildlife t-shirts are 100% cotton unless otherwise mentioned. The prints on the t-shirts are designed by our team, and they are of a high vector quality. The print method we use to place the designs on the t-shirts is DTF. DTF is an abbreviation of Direct-To-Film. The design is first placed on a film and then transferred to the cloth using a heat press. This method creates a design on the t-shirt that will stand multiple washes.


Nature And Wildlife Wall Prints

Our nature and wildlife wall prints are photographs or artwork taken from nature and wildlife. Their high resolution makes them bright and clear even in their enlarged form. The sizes we sell are A1 (90x60cm) and A2 (60x40cm), recommended for the beauty of your walls. However, smaller sizes are also available on special order when you contact us. The photographs or artwork are printed on matte photo paper and placed on high quality medium density fiber boards.


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Read Our Shipping And Return Policy Below 

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Our Shipping And Return Policy

  • We ship all our products to the address you choose when checking out. We will contact you using the information you provided to know your exact location. 

  • Since we are located in Kitende, we deliver to places  along Kampala-Entebbe main road, including Kampala City Center and Entebbe town. Choose Kitende as a shipping method to get free deliveries within that area. We hope to extend our services to other areas of the country.

  • Choose your size and color well when making your orders. However, if the size doesn't fit, you have to return the product to our store for exchange within 3 working days without damaging or causing any changes to it.

  • In case a product was delivered to you either damaged or torn, please return it for exchange within 3 working days.

  • A refund is only possible when there is no product to exchange with the one you have returned. For this case, you get a refund within 2 working days.

  • Please present your Identification Document to our messenger to make sure we are delivering the product to the right person