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Mountain Gorillas live in the jungle, and most people think that it is impossible to visit these primates. Well, those who have visited them have disproved such negative thoughts. These animals have undergone a habituation process to get them used to humans, making them to be less aggressive and more peaceful when they see people. One has to listen to the instructions from a ranger guide who has been trained to read the behaviour of gorillas in the wild and all will be well. Climax Nature Experience offers different safari budgets to avail everyone an opportunity to visit the mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and wildlife in Uganda at large. We are flexible with safari costs to match with your budget.


Uganda is the one of the places in the whole world where you can visit the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. In most cases, gorillas are visited in places like zoos where they feel uncomfortable and sad. For nature lovers who like to see animals in the wild, here is an opportunity for you. The experienced park rangers will guide you on a trekking expedition that lasts 6 hours on average, and will make sure you get the best out of this experience. The gorilla population is shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. But half of the over 800 individuals is found in Uganda, in both Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park..

The beauty of this country is derived from its idyllic landscape. Gifted by nature is the right expression. Everywhere you will go, you will notice that this country is green, with hills and valleys, lakes and rivers bringing out the natural beauty that will arouse you to get out your camera to remain with a copy of it. Sir Winston Churchill didn't make an error in calling it the Pearl of Africa. When you go to Southwestern Uganda, you will notice that this country is indeed the 'Switzerland of Africa'. Such breath-taking landscape should be the other reason why you should visit this country. The hospitality of Ugandans is the icing on the cake.

tourist taking landscape photo of the Virunga mountains

We also do tailor-made safaris according to your budget. Pay only 30% to make your booking with us!

 11 Day Gorilla & Chimpanzee Experience


This holiday experience is for those who would like to visit Gorillas and chimpanzees more than once. Apart from that, one will also visit Lake Bunyonyi with its 29 Islands and Lake Mburo national park known for Impalas, Zebras and Elands.


from $2,920 per person

*depends on size of group

silverback gorilla
Tourist taking picture of white rhino

14 Day Safari Experience

This is a round trip that captures 5 national parks of Uganda. It includes visiting Gorillas and Chimpanzees besides other wildlife.


from $3,325 per person

*depends on size of group

tourist taking picture of landscape in Uganda

5 Day Safari Experience

You will not only visit the Mountain Gorillas but also lake Mburo national park and Lake Bunyonyi with its 29 Islands.


from $1,570 per person

*depends on size of group

Tourists at the top of Murchison falls

3 Day Safari Experience

Visit Murchison Falls national park in the North and the white rhinos in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. 3 days packed with great experiences.


from $472 per person

*depends on size of group

 1 Day Rhino Trekking Experience in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary


Get closer to the white rhinos in the wild on foot with the guidance of a ranger and learn more about their history in Uganda while taking great photos. 


from $140 per person

*depends on size of group

tourists trekking rhinos in Uganda


Click to play the video in order to see what Uganda has to offer in terms of nature and wildlife. This is just sample. Our YouTube channel has a variety of videos to enjoy. When you visit Uganda, you will be blessed with more. Don’t forget to explore our entire YouTube channel and to subscribe to it for new content! Enjoy the viewing!


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