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When the lockdown is over, everyone would like to travel once again. You need something that will keep your mind away from the work and stress that is going on in the world. Something that will make you alive again and look younger. That something is nothing other than spending your time with nature. 


Watching wildlife has never been rewarding than the days we are currently living in. Taking that photo/video of wildlife and nature and looking at it after your trip will definitely bring joy and satisfaction back in your life.  More challenging is when you are standing face to face with a mountain gorilla within a distance of 7 meters. 


These great apes in Bwindi Impenetrable national park  are so used to human beings that nothing dangerous happens when you are around them. Having  gone through a process called habituation has made them peaceful when visitors go there to see them. A park ranger-guide is always present to make sure that both gorillas and visitors behave in an accepted manner, thereby enabling a 50/50 win for both the visitors and the mountain gorillas.


Visiting mountain gorillas is not the only thing to do while in Uganda. The 10 national parks around the country are filled with wildlife and plant life, almost giving the shutter of your camera no break. Everywhere you turn, you will see something worth taking a picture of. The only thing that will cut you short from experiencing more of Uganda will be your budget, and probably the time you have. Otherwise our team is ready to serve you to the best of our proficiency.


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The trip was about to end and I was sitting with guests at breakfast in Lake Mburo national park, looking at the antelopes and buffalos as they passed by. Then one of the guests said under her breath, "I have never seen a country so green, beautiful and with healthy animals like Uganda". She said that as she was looking at the photos she had taken for the previous 10 days. 


Before Ivan Sabayuki (in picture) founded Climax Nature Experience, he was a tour guide for almost 10 years. He started guiding in the year 2005, handling guests who spoke English and German. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education with speciality in the German language and a training in the field as a tour guide.


The years he spent as guide taught him what a guest who travels to Uganda is looking for. He does not only sit in office. He goes in the field once in a while with guests because he still loves nature and talking to guests about his beautiful country. Working with a team of experienced guides has made us one of the best in the field of tourism. We will bring you closer to nature with all the sense of humor we can afford.


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Since we are a company based in Uganda, we know what is on the ground, thereby not promising what we cannot fulfil. We have almost travelled all corners of the country, experiencing everything we are offering you in our itineraries.


Climax Nature Experience Ltd. is a registered company in Uganda with company number "80020000808653".


Game-drive in Murchison Falls National Park

Below Are Our Terms And Conditions


All bookings made with Climax Nature Experience are subject to these terms and conditions.


1. Price of trip includes: Private Ground transport (car and fuel in 4*4), Safari guide, entry cost to all parks mentioned in the itinerary, all activities mentioned (boat, and so on), all meals and accommodation. Please read the details of each experience carefully before making your booking.


2. Price does not include: International flights (unless special agreement), insurance, visa fees, beverages, items of personal use and tips. 


3. Adjustments after booking: If you want to make changes in your itinerary after booking we will arrange for this if it is possible.


4. Changes in itinerary: In the case of unforeseen circumstances (such as road closures, bad weather, security conditions or problems with hotels) Climax Nature Experience reserves the right to adjust in the itinerary. You will of course be informed about this as soon as possible. The same thing applies when space is not available in the mentioned places of accommodation by the time of booking. We always look for another available alternative in the same category.


5. Payment: We will ask you for a down payment in connection with making the booking (this payment always includes the Gorilla/ Chimpanzee permits since these must be secured right away). At the latest one month prior to the start of the safari full payment should be made (unless other terms have been agreed). Bookings made within one month of departure must be paid in full in connection to booking. After receipt of first down payment Climax Nature Experience will take necessary steps to secure bookings of items specified in the itinerary.


6. Means of payment: Payment from abroad should be done through bank transfer to our account in Uganda. Fees for transfer are paid by the client. We accept payment in cash. Payments made while in Uganda can be made in Dollars, Euros, GBP, and in the native Local currency (shillings) on our fore-mentioned account. For those booking online, a credit card system is available on checkout provided by Trust My Travel. We can also send you a payment link via E-mail which you can use to also make payments with your credit card.


7. During the safari: The animals in the parks are wild so no guarantees can be given of good sightings during game drives or trekking, but rangers and our guides will do their very best to make sure you get a great experience. Climax Nature Experience reserves the right to refuse any client behaving in way that can cause danger/inconvenience to any third party, damage to property, environments, or ecosystems to continue the trip. In such a case no refunds will be made, and Climax Nature Experience will not be liable for expenses that occur due to termination. 


8. Vehicles: We put a lot of energy into getting cars that are in a roadworthy condition. Despite this, punctures, breakdowns, damage, or any other delay can occur due to poor road conditions that are out of our control, for this no liability can be accepted.


9. Cancellations: The following charges apply in case a trip is cancelled.


91days or more to start of safari - 0% charge

90-60days to start of safari - 20% charge 

59-32 days to start of safari - 25% charge 

31-8 days to start of safari - 50% charge  

7-3 days to start of safari - 75% charge 

2-0 days to start of safari - 100% charge 


10. Complaints: Any issues that occur during the safari should be reported immediately to the guide and we will do our best to resolve it. If an issue has not been solved to the client's satisfaction a written complaint should be e-mailed to us no later than 30 days after finishing the safari. 


11. Liability: Climax Nature Experience cannot accept liability or pay compensation for unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control. This includes flight delays/cancellations, war/threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist attacks, border closure, acts of the government, strikes, thefts, epidemics, road closure, natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, fire, technical/mechanical problems to transport due to bad roads and similar events beyond the company's control. In case of anything profoundly serious, a reschedule of travel dates can be arranged from our side.


12. Insurance: It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that they have sufficient coverage with travel insurance. 


13. Health: It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that proper medical precautions (immunizations and so on) have been taken. 


Updated: 30. June 2020