3-Day Guided Safari To Murchison Falls National Park With Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Rhino tracking
Murchison Falls
Nubian giraffe

Day 1.

Drive to Murchison Falls national park with a stopover at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for the Rhino experience. This is the only place in Uganda where one can see the white rhinos in the wild and on foot with a ranger. As a project managed by Rhino Fund Uganda, it has been successful with now about 32 white rhinos in the sanctuary. After being briefed by a ranger about the sanctuary and how these animals were re-introduced in Uganda, you will embark on a rhino trekking experience with information about the behaviour of the rhinos, which can be seen in a short distance on foot with a ranger. The experience takes like an hour depending on your interests and how much you would like to know about the rhinos.

After lunch, you will continue in the direction of Murchison Falls national park. As you enter the park, you will be welcomed and entertained by olive baboons who usually sit either in the middle or at the edge the road doing their grooming stuff. Do not be surprised when you don’t see many animals in this southern side of the park, as part of it is covered in trees, shrubs and a dense forest. You will reach the lodge in the evening.

Day 2.

Wake up before the birds for an early morning game drive in the national park. After an early morning breakfast, you will drive from the lodge in a safari vehicle which has an open roof enter the park. When the weather is good, you will get a treat of a sunrise over the waters of the Victoria-Nile. Sometimes you get this sunrise between acacia trees. As you carry on with game drive, you will see animals like the lions, leopards, Nubian giraffes, buffalos, Jackson’s hartebeests, oribis, Uganda cobs, hyenas, waterbucks, patas monkeys, warthogs, African elephants and a variety of different bird species. The park is blessed with over 144 mammals, 556 bird species, 51 reptiles and amphibians. Having almost 4,000 square kilometres makes it the largest national park in Uganda. A game drive in this northern art of the park can never be a disappointment as you will see wildlife everywhere you turn.

In the afternoon, you will embark on a 3-hour boat ride to the bottom of the falls. The water falls being the goal doesn’t mean there is nothing else to see along the way. As the boat roles upstream, you will be treated with ‘schools’ of hippos in the waters of the Victoria-Nile and other animals that come to assuage their thirst. Different bird species like the kingfishers, bee-eaters, African fish eagles, to mention but a few will entertain your ride as the guide labours to tell you their different names. Monkeys have also been sited on this boat ride, swinging between tree branches at the shores.

Day 3.

After breakfast, you will have one more adventure before you continue back to Kampala. You will drive to the top of Murchison Falls to have another view of them and take awesome photos. This is where the Nile squeezes itself between a 7-meter-gap of rock, falling almost 40 meters into the deep. This part of the morning is the best to capture the rainbow in-between the vapours produced by the turbulence of the waters on a good sunny day. Thereafter, you will say farewell to the park and drive back to Kampala. Thank you for choosing Climax Nature Experience!

Travel estimates for 3 day Murchison Falls national park