3-Day Guided Safari To Kibale National Park For Chimpanzee Tracking

chimpanzee in the forest
Tourists on a nature walk
Red colobus monkey

Day 1.

Drive to Kibale Forest National Park. Kibale Forest National park is the home of Chimpanzees in addition to other 12 primate species like the red-tail monkey, blue monkey, and black-and-white colobus monkeys, among others.

Day 2.

The chimpanzee experience awaits you early in the morning. Though living in the wild, some chimpanzee families have been habituated. This means that they are used to humans. A national park ranger will take you through this wonderful tracking experience in the forest, giving you prior detailed information about the forest where the chimpanzees live, the chimpanzees themselves and other primates in the forest. Usually it takes 3 hours on average for the whole experience, with one hour dedicated to being with the chimpanzees when you meet them. A 7-meter distance is recommended away from the chimpanzees. Even when such a distance is recommended, these animals have no idea about it. The ranger will labor to give you guidance all the time. Since it is a forest, you might find yourself viewing the chimpanzees from up the tree branches or on the ground. These animals have the freedom to do what they want since that is their space, giving you the opportunity to watch their behavior in the wild.

The afternoon you will visit the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary. It is a project dedicated for the protection of this wetland, being a habitat for primates, birds and different species of medicinal plants. A local guide will take you through this wetland area showing you different primate and bird species. He will also inform you about this sanctuary and how it has helped to support the local people in the area. It is a wonderful 2-3 hour experience

Day 3.

After breakfast, you will bid farewell to Kibale national park and the primates living there and head back to Kampala. Remember to make stopovers to capture the wonderful landscape of the area. Thank you for choosing Climax Nature Experience as your travel companion.

Travel estimates to Kibale national park