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Wall Prints in size A1 & A2

Printed on matte paper and placed on a high-quality fiber board for hanging up on any wall. A1=150,000UGX and A2=100,000UGX. A1=90cmx60cm (36"x24") & A2=60cmx40cm (24"x16"). There is also another option of placing the prints in a beautiful frame or printing them on canvas at a negotiable price. For those into interior designing, these wall art prints will bring life to your walls and change the atmosphere of your home and office. Bring nature and wildlife to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or office. Think about giving them out to someone as a gift.


Contact us for inquiries and orders. It is a print-on-demand service, and it takes only 12 hours after you place your order for your piece to be ready. We have samples available for viewing.


wall art malachite kingfisher

Malachite kingfisher perching on a small branch of an acacia tree.


wall art weaver bird

Weaver bird perching on a small branch of an acacia tree.


Wall art rose

Wonderful red petals of a rose flower with a good bokeh.


wall art sunset behind acacia

Sunset behind a cactus producing a good silhoutte of the tree and amazing sky.


Wall art weaver builds nest

Weaver bird building its nest at the tail-end of an acacia branch.


wall art acacia landscape

Savannah landscape dotted with two acacia trees on a misty morning.


African Monarch butterfly

African Monarch butterfly with its beautiful colors resting on a green leaf.


plains zebras grazing

Plains zebras with their amazing stripes grazing in Lake Mburo national park.


Impala feeding on leaves

Female feeding on leaves of acacia in the wild.


giraffes browsing

Nubian giraffes browsing on acacia tree leaves.